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65% of Americans still at risk following iCloud photo breach

Joint survey of 1000 Americans by YouGov and Tresoit reveals that 65% of those surveyed did not take any steps protect themselves since the iCloud incident.

There are always inherent risks with securing sensitive data online. There are also a large number of tools available to help minimize or these risks. Think strong passwords, 2-Factor authentication, zero-knowledge encrypted cloud storage, just to name a few.

The survey results however seems to indicate either a complacency with security or perhaps simply a lack of knowledge about how to go about securing your data.

Has the iCloud hack changed your view of cloud security in particular or security in general?

Are you doing anything different to keep your data safe?

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NSA revelations ‘changing how businesses store sensitive data’

Survey suggests many firms choosing more secure forms of storage over ‘cloud computing’ in light of Snowden’s disclosures.

The vast scale of online surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is changing how businesses store commercially sensitive data, with potentially dramatic consequences for the future of the internet, according to a new study.

The survey of 1,000 information and communications technology decision-makers from France, Germany, Hong Kong, the UK and the US found that, following the Snowden revelations, almost 90% had changed the way they use the cloud – a storage service that allows data to be accessed from anywhere in the world but which is more susceptible to online surveillance.

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Dropbox Denies That Your Password Was Hacked

On Monday, October 13, 2014, several sites like Ars Technica, VentureBeat, and The Verge reported that hackers claim to have stolen 7 million Dropbox passwords.

Dropbox said that they were not hacked and that the passwords were stolen from other sites and tried on Dropbox since many people use the same password for multiple sites. Posts on Reddit suggest that some of the published passwords have already been used to login to unsuspecting Dropbox accounts.

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